Alpine Groves Park

About the Park

Deep in the area of Switzerland Florida resides a historic park named the Alpine Groves park. This park was originally built in the 1800's as a citrus farm, but was destroyed by the Great Freeze of 1894. Today you can still experience the wonderful nature, two houses built in the 1800's and 1900's, the old barn and horse stable, as well as the beautiful butterfly garden and dock on the river. Take a journey back in time on this 54.5-acre farm that still leaves nostalgic notes of American history on Floridian soil.

The Alpine Groves Park also has many fantastic features across the land. "The park is a designated destination on the Great Florida Birding Trail. You can find eagles, osprey, owls, wood ducks and many other avian species calling the park their home." The park also has a farmers market every Saturday. Many take advantage of the reservations that can be made to have a wedding or special events on the territory.

About the Tour

The tour takes about 30 minutes to complete. It is a quick walk around the park, but rest assured there are many beautiful elements of the park to experience along the way such as the beautiful variety of trees - including some remaining citrus trees. This nature walk is sure to inspire you or provide a therapeudic atmosphere for relaxation. You can visit any area of the park and find new things to discover. Along the paths you will find you and your family enjoying a beautiful breeze through the trees from the nearby St. John's River. Relax and enjoy the adventure through your tablet or mobile smartphone!